Building a rig for UE4

First of all I believe this is the right place to ask for help. I have long since forgotten my unreal login info so I’m posting here.
I’m trying to get a skeletal mesh into UE4 to no avail. I got rigify to work but udk and unity but ue4 is an odd one. It’ll accept rigify after I generate the rig, but it refuses the rig with only deform bones and the base metarig(and I added a root bone to that). I’m no rigger/animator but I’d like to learn since I’m working solo on a project. Any and all help is welcome
And on a side note if anyone could help point me in the right direction for making a HUD/interactive UI with blueprints I’d be quite indebted to that person. My sanity is on the line.

I see this didn’t got much of replies, I’m trying to get this to work too. My skeletal meshes … got psychicly out of hand in UE4 :smiley: Have you found an answer?

Wow I forgot that I even posted this. Yes I have, kinda. I got rigify based characters to import. All it takes is tweaking the import settings in UE4. I can’t remember which ones since I’ve long since moved on to level design (that’s a different kind of bang your head on your desk frustrating). Try changing the advanced settings when importing into UE4 I remember that helping. Also when exporting from blender I found that using the new fbx 7.x is crap. I’ve had no success with it but the old 6.x works just fine. On a side note the basic rig in makehuman works just fine. It doesn’t support IK by default but if you add that functionality you should be good to go.