[Building a Team]FPS with freerunning elements

Hey guys!
We are two guys looking for people to join our vision of a fast paced shooter like never seen before.
We already did some work, for example I developed an FPS kit we will make use of for the game.

But before I go into detail, I’ll let you guys know who I am.
My name is Marcel and I am a 22 years old student from Germany.
I’ve been using Unity for more than 4 years now and I think the time has come to build a great game with the knowledge I developed.

The other guy I talked about is a modeler from US, he has some decent skills too and developed a lot of knowledge in the last years.

While we both are pretty good at our job we miss some people to make progress at an acceptable speed.

More specifically, we are searching for anything between aniamtors and modelers.
We want to get at least two more modelers and two aniamtors.
At best you have some interdisciplinary knowledge, tho not required.

Now that you know whom you are dealing with, here it comes. The game.

Set in an unknown time, this will be a modern, competitive shooter that requires more than just good aim and some tactics. You will be able to literally reach any spot on the map so there is no time to rest.
The concept is mostly inspired by Brink, Dirty Bomb and Call Of Duty, tho it will be unique.
Our goal is to release this thing F2P once it reaches an early beta state.
There is also a storyline planned which we’ll find a writer for.
The singleplayer will mostly be about solving puzzles in a way you have never seen before.
We are not going for pay to win concepts or anything, the only thing people will be able to buy is skins.
There will be operators like in Rainbow Six Siege so that there will never be a round like one before.
If you are interested to join us or want more info, just join our server on discord.

Also, here are snippets of the game.

The model is currently a placeholder downloaded from the asset store but we are working on own weapons, which is why we need more modelers, too.