Building a team of beginners artists

(Adam cruge) #1

Hello guys and girls out there.

I am new to Blender, but I am so inspired by this tool that I want to learn it, and I started learning it.

Now, I have some goal. I want to create a small team for a complete project. I know that I don’t have any budget. So I can’t think of including experienced artists. All I am looking for is beginners (but if any experienced artist wants to get involved, he/she is very welcome). Again, this is unpaid. But if we can complete a project successfully, I might reward you in some ways.

We will learn together, and then finish the project soon. It’s an animation project to be made fully in Blender.

Anyone interested?

(Bowedpath) #2

sure pm me

(TenRado) #3

sign me up

(Inote) #4

sign me up

(Pepina) #5

I’m also interested, pm. :slight_smile:

(Merchantman) #6

I’m interested

(fitz301) #7

Depends, what did you have in mind?

(BlenderBoy360) #8

yeah i am really interested in making some animated shorts with you!

(Nowherenews) #9

Where do I sign up?

(Husky1711) #10

I am interested

(Kampus) #11

Very interested. PM sent

(mycatnameistux) #12

I am interested in… PM sent…

(szachimat) #13

And I am interested too.

(sho5513) #14

Please sign me up, I’m interested too.

(lecra) #15

You can count on me!

(Carlton_Quine) #16

Very interested! How do I sign up?

(J3D) #17

Hello, I’m interested! do you have something in mind? like a storyline or something?

(Wakefield) #18

Are you still accepting?

(Kampus) #19

Any update on this?

(#BlenderDude) #20

Count me in. You can send me PM!