Building Blender

Hey I want to build blender on my PC but my PC is offline. << these instructions shows you how to build it online using the SVN but I have downloaded the sourcecode for blender, could I just complier it using the same instructions but not do the SVN stuff?

Also I am using Mingw

More details:

I got the source from Also do I also need to download the external dependencies for me to build it?

I am using Mingw GNU/GCC/G++. to build blender you need G++. also I am going to use make

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to compile code, only to checkout and update the source.

thats great. what about the external dependencies?

I think python is all you need
I compile every few days and that’s all I had to install, I’m using Visual Studio
when you get access to the web (which you had when you got the source code) why don’t you just get the latest trunk build from
a lot easier
of course setting up the dev environment is kinda fun:yes:


edit: on second thought, I’ve also built blender on Linux a few time
that did require setting up some libraries
what platform are you going to build for? I’m guessing Windows
I’ve never messed with MinGW
try it and see

yes I am using windows.

I have mingw and msys. I am using code::block for an IDE.
I downloaded cmake to make a code::block project from the cmakelist.

I tried to compile it but there was an error about python 2.6?

I have python 3.1, but I could also download 2.6 too, so where shall I install this?

the instructions say to build it you need python 2.6
have you read this?

how are you accessing this forum without internet access?

blender depencies are here you don’t need to be connected, but you need grab those dependecies or compile ( in case you include them during configuration ) them yourself

because I am using hte laptop down stairs.
yeah I have installed blener 2.6 but it asks me for stuff suck as pthread.h.
Is this header in the OpenAL source

pthread.h is in lib/windows/pthreads/include

it’s needed for multi-threading
did you get the lib directory?

is that included in the blender source direnctory? because that folder is empty.

this is what I have done: I downloaded the blender source and exported it to C:/
then I used cmake generated it to another folder in C:/ and used the code::block mingw make

then when I open the project, it says I have missing files and headers. first it complained that I didn’t have any of the python headers in mingw/include, so I copied and pasted them from mingw/include/python into mingw/include

and now it is complaining about <pthread.h>

I hope I have given enough information

if you follow the directions I sent you your top level directory is blendersvn
under that you should have a folder named blender and one named lib
under lib should be a directory named windows (and one named win64 if you’re building 64 bit)
I suspect that’s where the dependencies you worried about are located(under lib)
you wouldn’t need that for linux so it’s not really part of the source, more like an extra for windows users
sounds like you may not have all the code
if you’d like I can zip up my copy of the source code (which came from svn and compiles fine) and put it online where you can download it with the computer you’re using now

that would be really good I would really appriciate that mate. (btw I am under windows XP 32bit)

ok, I did a clean, new download
it’s over 1…2 GB
I compressed it down to 265 MB
it’s coming from my home dsl line so my upload speed may not be that great
check this link


I’d be surprised if this just compiles instantly, but at least you’ll have proper source
I tried to compile and got an error, tracking it down now
will let you know

just to make sure: you do know you could just download the latest code already built from, right?

I am using my parents laptop and the website is blocked for some reason lol
I will try out the link you game me.

The link doesn’t seem to work. it takes me this google page asking if I typed it right. is a site where people, with approval, can post builds of blender they created themselves
you can always get a build of the latest code there
try going to google and searching for graphicall and let them find it for you
look for the trunk code builds in the column on the left