Building Liesel City... (First improgress work, Baroque Inspired)

Hello Everyone! I am starting a new project: Liesel City.

City Statistics: Diameter-524 miles wide, building style: Primarily Baroque, but includes Byzantine, Neo Byzantine, Gothic, Coruscant and a host of other styles. I want to create this city in 3d, I do not expect to complete this project anytime soon, perhaps not even by the technological singularity, but something I believe worth striving towards.

Of course, to even begin to create this city, I will need to develop my skills in blender. At present time I’ve only have a total of 1 week worth of blender as of 8/12/14.
My first experience with blender was one of frustration. For a long time I have worked with a 2d program, digital painting on photoshop, but working on 2d has it’s limits. One being 3d or 4th perspective views tend to be much more difficult to do using a 2d program if you have the desire to keep it highly realistic. In addition, I am looking ways to create the type of details that would be much harder to create in a 2d program…
Long term, I do desire to make this city a virtual city, perhaps a place one may choose to immerse one’s self in, when virtual realities become a reality.

Here are some in progress screenshots. I’ve been working on this object for about 4 days. This object will act as part of a column from inside a building.


In Addition, I would like to give a thanks to 1DInciner for sharing his workflow. Watching this helped me jump onto this beginner project.

I ran it through a render to see if the different colors of the meshes that happened accidentally would effect the render… Learned quite a bit from creating this tiny thing, even though it took about 4 days…

Experimenting with different colors and levels of reflectivity. This weekend I hope to organize all my rock and marble textures, I would like to experiment with them.
Since for my first room that I will render, it will be a marbled room with some gilded elements,
Original Resolution: 2000 x 1500 160 samples cycles render at 15 minutes. ( need a better renderer computation device)

beginning to look nice but how many verts ?

happy cl

thanks, in edit mode it would be 58754.

If you take away all the mirror modifyers it would be something like 20k