Building Specs - Where to get?

Hi folks,
I’m making some modelling progress now!
I’m basically in it for Cities/Architecture and landscaping and I was wondering the other day where can I get technical data/schematic views and most of all figures connected to buildings?

Say i wanted to model the Empire State Building or the Cologne Cathedral knowing the height, number of storeys is fine but it’s not insufficient for modelling - I’m mostly thinking cross sections etc.

I figure the EST for instance would cover something like 60x100 m but hard data would be better in any case.

I havent’ found anything on Google yet, maybe there even are legal restrictions of some kind, who knows.


Marco :slight_smile:

Well, you seem to be talking about construction blueprints. I’d expect these to be pretty hard to find on the internet, especially considering the buildings you mentioned were designed and built in pre-computer days. Even pre-blueprint days. However, there are probably hobbyists making models of these buildings, in fact, there’s an artist in North Hollywood who makes scale models of famous buildings. I think he uses exterior photographs of the buildings rather than plans. Model maker web sites might have something similar to what you are looking for, but for actual plans, I doubt you’ll find much.

Thanks I’ll go have a looksee!

Marco :slight_smile: