I’d like to know exactly what kind of material is being used to create buildings, houses,cars,etc… any help, thanx

Well, everything that fills your needs in texturing. I mean, if you want photoreal you go and take some pics from walls, windows, doors. everything that is related on buildings.

As procedurals, you do bump maps with stucci or some other texture, like cloud.

But yeah, I’d say thats the basics. And for cars you know, shiny, mirroring materials.

sorry if this sound little hazy, I’m bit drunk at the moment.

exactly etc… ??? buildings: low spec(if any), cars: high spec, reflecting. etc.: whatever you need… how about being more specific??

I actually wanted to know what do you use to build the walls,doors,windows.sorry about that

A condensed version is of three tools you need:


Use elysiun and google to find tutorials on what you want to build.

Knife tool (k)-

One of the most valuable (in my opinion) for modelling everything above. (This assumes you use mesh and not nurbs or curve modelling)

Extrude (e)-

Creates new faces out from one original face (pretty much)

If you want to know specifically how to do something though use the internet.

Shortened version-

Walls- a line of vertices (at least two connected by an edge) extruded straight up.

Windows- Use the knife tools to cut out the window shape and then delete then texture the window to be transparent or take the face out completely with (x)->faces when you have the vertices of the windows selected.

Cars- So many methods- simplest is box method IMO, do a search here on elysiun or google for that method or other methods.

Hope this helps some.

thanks for that musicman