Bulb e.r

the realization of an idea

Great concept, to me the stretcher and hospital seem to give more of an impression of a failed idea rather than the realization of one. Since it’s my phase at the moment I think you should give some approximate gathering a go to give the lightbulbs that are lit a bit more impact on the scene. Here’s a quick simple guide on getting some light influence in your scene I just found:


If the middle builb is blown why not have a try at lowing the reflection value just a tiny bit to imply non-reflective dust that’s accumulated because of the blown filament. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

By idea i m talking about concept
i don’t want that bulb refer to an “idea” it just a bulb and we are in a bulb , i will add some other “ill” bulb ^^


Loving it, pretty unique work :smiley:

This is pretty neat. I’m kind of seeing a vegie-tales style going on here. :slight_smile:
Perpaps you could one with a broken bulb and maybe give the stretcher cloth a little more loosness.