Hey, this is my latest render of a bulb. Materials are fully procedural and made in blender. (Except HDR background…) Could you guys give me some feedback, please? I would like to hear what do you think about it. :wink:

500 samples + denoising

Great model and texture work, especially for completely procedural materials! Overall I would first recommend brightening the scene a bit as it can be hard to see the delineation between bulb and black background. For the metal section, some wear-and-tear on and beneath the threads could be a nice touch for details. I really like the intricate glass and metalwork inside the bulb - is it possible to do a render with the filament glowing slightly? That might help add some dynamics to the scene. A bit of refraction might also be beneficial with the glass bulb (though it’s hard to tell because the background is pure black). In terms of the model itself though, I think you’ve done an excellent job!

Looks very nice so far, but the screw elements look a little too flat; they don’t look like they’d really fit in a fitting. The rest looks great, good luck!

Nice work. Screw should be more glossy.
Are you using HDR only for lighting your scene ?
Add some gradient color to your background.
Add som directional light, and maybe rim light.

Thanks for tips. :slight_smile:

Your glass material looks very realistic! Maybe try lighting the background to get some refraction and give the image more punch. I modeled a bulb in Modo a while back (obviously not as realistic as yours). Most of the light comes from a single spotlight to the background.

The glass material looks very realistic.

Here some technical stuff. The socket proportion does not fit to the bulb size. The sockets thread roughly is a semicircle inwards and a semicircle outwards. The material between the outer socket and the center tip definitely is not made of metall.