Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur fanart

Experimenting with freestyle and the compositor to render a “cartoon” look.

I’m especially interested in feedback regarding modeling and rendering, but any other observations are very welcome.

I love pokemon. Your sculpt looks pretty cool. Though I think the bulbasaur’s face can do with some tweaking, he looks a little too crazy. Perhaps move his eyes lower down. Also I think maybe bulbas left eyeball has its normals flipped since there is something going on with the shading there.

The toon style suits these guys well, but you can still try to add some “texture” to venusaur in the 2D terminology sense, either you could texture paint some dots on him or model in a little bit of detail on the sculpt itself, perhaps add some bumps similar to how the dots are dispersed on the other two, he is looking very smooth but he is the gnarliest and oldest of the bunch.

I think you could add a bit of shine to their eyes that would make them look a little bit lively.

Cool fanart.

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