Bull[T] - some images - NOW FINISHED !!!

here it is my last wip, C6C are welcome as usual




Hey man,
Lol nice idea, good start, I just can’t figure out what that black dot is?

the nose?
(yes i know , i know, it shuold not fly…)

the black dot is his nose…anyway, looking nice

a small update:

realy nice, good shader work to, have you used nodes in the color one or is it just sss?

just sss and a normal lamp.
no texture have been used till now.
i’m really impressed whith the internal render engine, so fast,so fake, so ecleptic, so fun…

The SSS really makes it. I love the mix of cartoony model and ‘fake’ realistic rendering. Very good.

I like it too. The toon shade version was fun, and I really like what you’ve done with the belt, the way it overlaps and is thick makes me think of how many time I’ve seen spike collars drawn that had no ends …

Is the intent of the realistic one a resin plastic sculpture look? Just curious, seemd a strange direction to take it after the toon, but it’s cool.

the intent was vinil something like that:
but a little bit softer and rubberish
i’ve not any reference or starting idea, just doodling …this is the reason of a so unconvetional change of direction.

thanks for comments


Looks sweet man! The spot of his head looks nice! But what happened to his nose? Looking really good though!!!

the flying nose was more fitting in the cartoon style and it has resulted too confusing in the “vinil edition” so i stated to remove it.

thank you 4 your interest.

i’ ve removed fur-spots because them seem to interfer whith the overall material feeling,
cleaned the mesh,and now i’m going to call this FINISHED
here it is the last render

i know it is the last render, but the bitemark should maybe have more “tags”?
like this http://images.findgift.com/Graphics/Gifts/140/PR_86707.jpg

I think so