Bulldog model


Here’s a bulldog model I finally finished. Texturing was done back and forth in Blender paint and Photoshop. The texture in body and legs could be better though, I was a bit lazy. Rendered with Octane.

that is a beautiful model dude, i would love to see that in iclone.


Clay renders:

Excellent model, the head is brilliant. The vestigial ‘thumbs’ should be tucked in closely to the rest of the foot, they look a bit freakish floating out there like that. Look how they are on a real bulldog. http://www.petplanet.co.uk/dog_breed_profile.asp?dbid=15

Very realistic model, and good texturing!

Looks great :wink: !!!

I noticed on those wires that there is a few 5 point poles… none the less some great modelling.
Well done!

I like how you modeled it, you should try and do a animation on it.

wow thats amazing

There’s something funny going on with his eyes and fingers, but either way, this model looks real good :slight_smile:

Like the Bulldog model and just curious, is this your first attempt and did you make bulldog models only? Can you make French Bulldog model?