bullet and fire efect glsl?

any idea or example to make the shoot efect(bullet+fire) like in the picture?
i try with toon materials but it not look good


Anybody can help? I don’t know if its a material problem or another tecnic

The shooting effects are shadeless, I don’t know how they look animated but I’d imagine they do it the same way pretty much everyone else does- a plane with a picture of a bullet on it, and a plane with a picture of the muzzle flash on it. these track to the camera (in Blender you can use halo in the face settings)- the muzzle flash gets added and then does its animation (probably scale up and fade out) and then ends itself, the bullet plane moves forward until it hits something. Pretty simple.

tanks capitan i will try your way that´s think it will work!!

very good fire/torch effect, maybe you can use



bullet_fire.blend (56.8 KB)

thanks letun i will use your example it´s just wath i need!!! And thanks endi!