Bullet and shell (need some help with mat.s)

hi ya so just look at the photos if you look at mine you can see strange light refreactions going on that I dont want when I use tangent v


here is a bullet


Try to reduce the reflection value…

ok so there is a bit of a rendering problem its for an animation right.
but for some reason there is a wierd noise thing going on where it looks like there is noise with the lighting on left is a default cube no mats and on the right there is a bullet
but if you look at the differnt images you will notice light verys a lot
im rendering with yafray yes i know its hard to see but when you play it in a video its very! noticeable


Try setting the reflection color to something more yellow.

i fixed it and made a video http://www.vimeo.com/1667095

and here are some stills


That’s pretty damn badass

test video
i havent posted anything in awhile though
still a WIP

The bullet looks fine but the casing would fly more vertical.

that’s originally what I did but the director of the movie wanted me to change it because the videos he could find of the real gun, the shells went out a lot to the side so I did

but I think in the final product most of the background will be blurred out more so you wont really notice

another effect other then the shell and bullet I added was the blow back of the gun
because in the original shot the top piece of the gun didn’t move so I made it move in 2D no 3D needed

also you may notice that the muzzle flash looks fake, which it does because nothing really lights up whereas if it were real it the entire shot would be luminescent
but since there is other people doing color correction later on we decided it would be easier if I left it to them so it isn’t the final product (which will have the room light up and thus look much more realistic ).