Bullet chain belt

People, how can I make this bullet_chain_belt

animate so that it flows alongside that deformed waterfall like plane, to get results like.
I’m aware this could be done manually and It wouldn’t be really time consuming, but still I’m very curious to see a better way. And yes, I know array modifier with a curve could be used, but it creates intolerable deformities.


I think you can achieve this with rigid body constraints…

I tried hard but could not solve the problem completely; although the chain is now falling the way you want, I encountered some weird wobbles and the viewport slowed down extremely during simulation…
But maybe my modifications help you in some way:bullet_chain_belt_modified.blend (886 KB)

Actually, I’ve found the best way to do this would be to manually rotate link by link. It maybe time consuming to an extent but it gets the job done fairly good.

I know this is a bit old but have you tried this method:

Basically making a curve, making a plane and then scaling it to the same total length of the curve and then adding a curve modifier.Parent the bullet to the plane and then turn on “face” dupliverts and then add loopcuts to the plane to change the distance between bullets.


Dupli.blend (322 KB)

Oooohhhh, never tried that. I just might give it chance even though I already finished it with manual hand work. Too bad I didn’t see this post earlier. Talking about getting late.