Bullet: Character Physics.

It appears to me, that good Character Physics is nearly impossible in Bullet, with broken friction and damping.

Does anyone know any solutions or work-arounds to Bullet’s broken friction/damping for Character Physics, or will I have to use depreciated Sumo?

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I cannot understand why you are saying that a good character physicsit’s impossible ? there is many example of fps or TPS example using physics the most famous social template seems to have a good physics set up …

I think he means that the environment affects the movement of the characters by setting friction and other stuff. Just like in Half-Life 2, on asphalt the ragdolls stop quickly, on water they float, on slippery metal they slide.

But those settings are available in the materials panels under dynamic?

for good character physics you want more control over what happens, and to be able to approximate things that are much more complicated in reality. Bullet focuses on being realistic, but this means that, for example, a character in bullet will bounce off the floor after a fall. In “proper” character physics engines, the bounce would be ignored to simulate the character bending his knees and damping the impact (if a person were to hit the ground hard enough to bounce, they would just splatter instead)

unfortunately, I have so far found no good ways to get around these issues, so I’m ignoring them for now.

ps. my biggest issue with bullet character interaction is the bounds- I want a way to resize them in-game so a character can crouch, gosh darn it!

Ahh, I get it. So we need human physics too. but I thought the other vars handled those situations? slowing the character down when swimming, no bouncing, etc?

you haven’t really sat down and tried to setup physical interactions between the character and the world. You really need to tie the physics engine down to make your character function well. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just wrtie your own psuedo physics instead. Everytime you fix a problem like bouncing off a wall you create another issue like not being able to move if you touch a wall. It can become very trying.

The physics engine is very nice (except for the friction being dominated to 45 degree angles *this may only occur when a force is also acting on the object can’t remember) its just not well suited for characters.

I have to agree im afraid even things like being able to walk up a slope is hard work.
The problem I find with the BGE at the moment is you spend immense amount of time coming up with ridiculously elaborate solutions to what seem like basic problems.

I know that sort of what game development is about but its annoying to be thwarted time and again at the basic game mechanics stage.