bullet hole

ok i have a game that has to be done in about a week and a half and i need to know 1 thing how do u get the bullet that the gun shots to leave a bullet hole ( im not using a ray sensor) or at least a way for it to stay parelel to the wall it hits

you need to use a ray sensor to get the normal of the surface [and the position], you can use this information [and some math] to generate an orientation matrix [in python]

I posted a .blend with a script modified from the gamekit shoot_the_bunny.blend beforeā€¦ did you neglect to search before asking?


yes i neglected to look and i am trying to aviod ray so i wouldnt have any set backs but thanks i gess ill convert to ray also thanks that will help alot

Yo joe if you do not want to change to ray do this idea i had :wink: good luck
My Bullet Hole Idea

:wink: :):slight_smile:

ok is the skript above able to be made so that it only fires after so many frames becuase it makes bullrt hole constantly

yes of course

then how do u do it were do u type it in what do you do

come on i need this, please, i cant script on my own