Bullet physics question


I can’t get the bullet to work. Whenever I click play, the bottom object (which should be held on by the top object) Falls and spins around.

What is going on?

Take a look at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartX/Hard_Bodies

It is a bug in the new bullet engine.
You have to clear the Rotation for every object by pressing Alt+R with the object selected and then apply size and rotation to it by pressing ctrl+a.
After you have done this, your simulation should work.


Are there any builds with this bug fixed?

I want to do an physics simulation but I have hundreds of pieces so reapplying rotations is not an option.


thanks Linny, but for some reason clearing rotation then applying size and rotation didn’t work

well, it worked for me. don’t know why it doesn’t work with your version of blender.

btw. @alex_g and @koba, what OS’s do you use.
I’ve just tested the current cvs version of blender and the bug seems to be fixed. maybe i can provide a cvs version to you.


Win XP, although I’m getting a mac (OSX 10.3) any day now

Win XP too as I’m still getting round to reinstalling ubuntu.



Hm, i’ll try to compile one for you. Never done that under windows though.
Normally i’m using Linux. But i’ve got a Windows Version running inside an virtual machine.
Don’t know if it is compileable with msvc8. I only have the free edition visual c++ 2005 express.

Hmm…perhaps to save you time, could you tell me if the new release candidates have this bug fixed?



i think so. as far as i know, the developers concentrated mostly on bugfixes for the GE for the new release candidates.