Bullets and Casings

Just finished re-creating one of my earlier scenes. I added HDRI and AO/GI with full shadow precision. Also made the ground reflective, and added slight DOF. Only post-pro was a slight noise reduction. Render time was 28 Hours using Yafray. Please ask if you have any questions. C&C is welcome.


nice :slight_smile:
but… which renderer did you use?

thers is your answer!..

Very Nice Image, !!! :cool:

Thank you. I added the bit about yafray after the first person posted. I’m currently re-rendering it using different textures, I’ll post that when it’s done.

very nice render. I made one of my first models the other week which was a 7.62mm :smiley: the textures/reflections didn’t look as good as yours though. How’d you get the nice texture on the bullets? just a noise map? looks good anyway.

The only thing i don’t really like is the overall blue cast it has, but that could be changed in post.

Texture was a combination of about 6 different textures. One small noise map, one large noise map with only specific areas included (using a blend), couple other ones to add the the effect. Any C&C for next time people?

28 HOURS???!?!?

That’s insane!

But the result is worth it however :smiley: