Bullets ( large picture )

Hello everybody, just made this today, took me around 30 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Rendered with BI. any c&c is appreciated.

Looks nice.

I kind of feel like the reflections clutter up the simplicity of the render, unless you have a reason for reflection of the house.
I like the shadows though, nice and soft :slight_smile:

I think there needs to be some fresnel and MAYBE less ‘glossiness’. Totally awesome though. (more fresnel on the bullet head)

Im gonna try mess around with the fresnel and glossiness :slight_smile:

the reason for the relfection is, im gonna make a shot where i use the bullet for a slo-mo shot ( inside ). so for this test i just used a reflection image from a inside of a house.

thx for the reply’s :slight_smile:

I think the shape of the bullet is a bit off (I think the tip is a bit too spherical), and the lead material is way too reflective

Nice render. I actually like the reflections. Gives it more realism, otherwise it might just be too obvious its 3D.

Yeah, like the reflections, too But maybe a little bit too shiny for bullets… BAMazing, though

P.S.timgrindall, i see you in almost every thread :stuck_out_tongue: