Hey guys,

Haven’t done a project in blender in months…so I figured I better pick it back up and do something. I was hoping to enter it into the BWC but unfortunately there isn’t time. :frowning:
Here’s what I have so far:

I wan’t to do smoke coming from one of the bullets, kind of like cigarette smoke…any Idea’s how…even if it’s done Post pro.

All comments and critique apreciated,

Can you make reflection?

Maybe in physic editor.I’ m not shure I’m just a noob. Bu I think this could work.

I’m not sure what you mean…I already have some slight blurred reflection on the bullets but its very suble.

I find this makes excellent smoke:-

RayMirror around 1/4 with some Fresnel

I tried using that and unfortunately it doesn’t work with the backround or mist :frowning:
Here’s a tree I’ve been working on for in the distance:

BTW this was also a test at fake perspective here’s what it really is like:


nice models but the material should be a bit more metalic

also, add some scratched spec maps, that´ll make it look a lot better.

Will do…I need to work on painting my own textures anyway…in the meantime still working on modelling as these are just placeholdertextures.
Anyway here’s a test with displacement which turned out really well…besides the 4 million+ verts, LOL. I apolagize for the bad color…working on the texture still.
No textures at all, only displacement: