Bump into object, end game

So I got collision to work on another game, but this one will not work at all.

Basically the game keeps moving forward at all times, like the 1942, 1943 games. If you hit anything like a wall, it should lose a life (or for now end the game).

I will add the controls later, but right now I only have left arrow, and if you touch the first wall to the left, it goes through it, there is no collision, no action. What can I do to fix this?

Airfire.blend (152 KB)

You did not add the property to the player nor the collision so that why it not quiting the game and you made the wall a ghost

and i added more controls to the game and collisions to most of the objects

Airfire-1.blend (169 KB)

I looked at the game and all I did was change the walls physics from sensor to static and it worked perfectly fine

Thank you!