bump map making ?

i subdivided the ob a few times and applied it
but when i add it to a plane i get a lot of artifacts
the bump itself looks nice!

is it possible to get a nice bump map from an object in blender?

i tried with a compos nodes set up and
get a lot of artifacts lines on the render

treid with baking it and still get some artifacts ?

so what are the tricks to get a nice smoth bump map?

i know that nomal map works a hec of a lot better then that!
but prefer to stick with bump map if i can


Save it as a 16-bit exr instead. 8-bit doesn’t have enough depth to store complex shapes.

how do you do the set up ?
is it like baking AO ?

the map itself looks nice it’s when applied that the artifacts appears

need a plane in back ground ?


Even thought the map might look nice to your eyes, it only has 256 possible levels of depth. Share a .blend because I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re trying to do. If you’re trying to bake a map out from an object and apply it to another one, just do it like you normally would, and then when saving the image choose OpenEXR from the drop down in the save prompt, and click the button that says “half”.

having problem to bake it
i get a super white image

so there must be a special procedure to do the baking

add a background plane
high res in front of it like in AO baking
then add black image in UV editor and bake it

but does it needs to have camera in ortho mode
and what about light sources ?