Bump node cause hard edges

Hi, I’m trying to render a smooth model, but when I apply some procedural noise, edges become like flat shading is on

Try reducing the distance. Simulating 1 meter height sounds excessive for what I think that is.

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I understood correctly that there is no difference between reducing distance or strentgh?

Yes there is, at least used to, I haven’t checked lately. Calculating for the distance you can use the same value as microdisplacement and get the same normals out. Strength doesn’t, you get something different. I’m not sure if strength is supposed to be used as a modulating effect (like mix factor in mixRGB node), but I have that suspicion considering it has the same slider type. Sometimes I even use a math node to set the distance, as 1mm is often far to much for me.

Distance is like the scale of the max bump height,and strength how much the bump effect is blended in.

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