Bump Wont work! :(


Ok so ive gotten to the stage of my model “Sasha” where i want to add diffuse and bump maps Using UV co-ords

so i did some reading on tutorials and decided to do a little test but i cant get the bump map to work :frowning:

i used a simple plain, unwrapped it , loaded my test bump map and then did the input UV, Output nor, up’d the nor value and…nothing still a flat plain :frowning:
what am i doing wrong?

please help



So, where did you load that image texture into? Into the UV Editor or as a real image map for Tex.002?
That means, if you go into texture tab, select Tex.002 and load the image there, does it work then?

Other problems could be a bad lighting setup (remember, bump mapping does not affect real geometry) or, a bad viewing angle, although this should not be the case here.

If that doesn’t help, uploading the .blend file might be a good idea :wink: