bumpy raw avi animation. jerks and stops...

ok so i have a short animation…about 10 soconds…a spaceship just comes in and lands in a hanger. oh its blasting particles but not alot. so its all smooth in the 3d window and the renders look ok. BUT when i render raw avi its all jerky and bumpy and stops and starts. i played around with the fps abd found that 10 worked but it was REALLY slow and I dont know what to do:eek:. I think maybe its because im using raw avi? could u please help? i would appreicate. oh yeah… its jerky when i render images and compile them in monkeyjam also…so maybe not raw avi…? god this is driving me nuts

Try to render individual images e.g. PNG format.
All of them in one directory, after you finished rendering, open a sequencer Window.
Load all images and create another output, like avi-jpg or some ffmpeg output. (do sequence)
This way you do not need to render it all over again, if you want to test different film formats.
And yes, I guess raw avi might be too big for your computer to show in a fluid animation.

i have all the frames as jpg’s but when i compile them in monkeyjam(it will compile them to make an animation to) but its still jerky…maybe better luck in the sequencer Window.=)

ok that works omg thank u alot!!!