Bunsen burner flame

First post, so hello all!

First off: I’m very new to blender but I’ve been going through tutorials etc. so I’m picking it up.

I need to create a flame of a bunsen burner like number 4 on this image:

I’ve had a look through various fire tutorials, but none of them cover a gas flame.

So, I’ve come up with an idea which I hope will work.

  • Create 2 open ended cylinders and shape them into the inner and outer parts of the flame.
  • apply blue, translucent material to the shapes.
  • animate the top vertices so that they flicker a little.Does that sound like it will work?

I’ve had a quick go at it and you can see it’s stating to look ok against black (not great though), but against grey it looks awful.

I’d appreciate any tips people could offer on where to go from here/particular tutorials I should look at.

Current things I see that I need:

  • ramping the opacity of the shape toward the top so it fades away
  • blurring the shape at the tip
  • Adjusting the (blending mode?) of the flame so that it brightens the background.
  • using the flame as a light emitter (or probably just use a lamp)

It might be worth looking at issue 12 of Blenderart p17.

Thanks. Going through that tutorial now. head explodes

I keep getting astonished with this software. Every time I think I’m beginning to get an idea of what I can do with it a whole other area is opened up.