Buny Girl

A caracter I started just recently. I haven’t realy got a goal for it, but we’ll se what happens.

I learned one ting by doing the modeling at least, and that is that you don’t realy have to use lots of complicated loops and stuf to get what you want (wich I tought before), all you need is some sense as to where those verts is supposed to be. But of course, topology helps :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the wierdest part of the bunny is her torso…it seems kinda wide. I think you should narrow it down a bit. All and all a good model…

Another small animation:

A lot of room for improvements tough

Oh, I see that now too. Could be the ortho view, but I’ll look in to it.

Hmmmmm… The first one, the walk loop, was a bit jerky/springy. The second animation was better.

The actual model is good. But the animation’s a bit on the stilted side. You want to think in things in terms of inertia. Act out what she’s doing and watch how your legs and arms move, both because of subconscious brain activity and of their own mass. They don’t tend to stop so forcefully.