Burger meat!

My burger is slowly growing. French fries, onion rings and cheese already done. Now I tried to create the meat :). 100% Procedural. Lettuce, raw onions, inside of tomato, bread… some ketchup and I’m done… so almost finished ;).
If you want my food material it’s yours to play with here: Food material


The meat material is quite good, definitely approaching photoreal. Nice!

It’s missing some fattier chunks and the glass like glare of hot grease. These look more like cooled veggie burgers.

The red glass plates are distracting and look like bad cycles glass. I’d replace that with simple white ceramic.

Thanks for sharing the files! I’ll have a look at the shader later.:sunglasses:

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Thanks… when it comes to that extra I think to reach that, you have to add a second material. I have done it like that in my earlier renders, so one with meat… and a copy of the model using an oil substance material. To get it all in to one is more than I can handle anyway :D.

amazing !!!


It’s amazing and real. Good job

Burgers looks excellent but the plate and “table” makes the whole render somehow ordinary and maybe a little bit weird too (especially the plate). Change the materials of that and it gives Yo render a level-up.


Thanks :)!

This is just a part of a much bigger food project, as you can see if following the link above, so right now I do very little around the environment. When I have all ingredients finished for a complete burger meal I will add a lot of care and love in to all of it so that people will get hungry just by seeing it :D.