Buried Altar Breakdown

Breakdown for my for entry from Weekend Challenge #995. Enjoy!

Open to all questions and critiques.


This is awesome! The GIFs you posted where you have a basic geometry and then you toggle on way-better looking geometry, I assume that’s geometry nodes? Could you possibly share more about those setups?

Awesome work, great style!
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Yes they are geometry nodes. I don’t have any parameters exposed so collapsing doesn’t make any difference. For the cave its very simple point distribution and instancing followed by remesh modifiers (you can tell by modifier icons). Also some procedural damage. For the altar I am using a voronoi texture to randomly rotate sections. I like to use geometry nodes over traditional modelling and sculpting because they allow you to iterate and change extremely fast. You can also reuse them different projects but I genrally never do that.

The only other GN setups are in the water and particles.



Wait the grass/moss is just points? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

Point cloud rendering was added to Blender very recently. I think it is very commonly used in other Software. Earlier I had also used point cloud to create this magic trail.

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Thanks for sharing, this was very inspiring. I’d love to see more howto if you’re so inclined.

Trust there is really nothing much more to see. Can’t expect much from 4 hours of work :rofl:. If you really want to you can try and recreate the demos and I can help you out.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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