Burning Daylight with FedEx NASCAR Toyota Camry

I have been creating 3D Motorsports art and renders for over 25 years, having worked with various teams from NASCAR to IMSA to INDYCAR to F1. Here is a render I did back in March that I simply forgot about until the other day… Enjoy!



Wouldn’t mind sharing some tips or indeed your tutorial channel :sunglasses:

I’m also not a little bit envious, been a Scuderia tifoso since Jody Scheckter was racing for Maranello back in the 70s.

I don’t have a youtube channel. As far as tips, I am still getting used to Blender, I came from 3DSMAX, but found Blender to be just as good for allot less money in most cases. I use Keyshot sometimes too.

With motion style shots and DOF effect it helps hide some “problem areas” in the renders at times. There is still post processing in Photoshop allot of the time, but it gets you fairly close. Definitely take a look at Rig-a-car as its free and the best way to rig a vehicle, after that its simply getting car to follow a path and adjust as needed. Sometimes I have the camera follow along with the car and sometimes I have the camera static and adjust the amount of blur I need. This particular shot was done with the camera following the car at the same speed the car was going. Hope that helps!

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Thanks definitely helpful.

I’ve a couple of freelance jobs coming up, veering more on 2D automotive concept design but nevertheless ‘grey boxing’ in 3D for overall paint-over scene development, is a personal goto workflow.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!