My second image that takes advantage of the new 2.43 Bullet engine’s ability to handle many thousands of objects. Since the Rigid body limit before crashing was raised significantly in 2.43 I’m able to make much larger and more insane images with many more rigid bodies.

This image may not be much in the insane simulation catagory, but it does utilize more then 10,000 rigid bodies (origionally had more but Blender crashed probably due to the game engine being forced to handle over 100,000 faces at once)

It satisfies my Ageia fetish, that’s for sure.

MAN! This piece looks great! I totally missed it!

5 stars.

The Colors are great. The Physics Look great. The Materials are great.

Im really suprised that this didnt get more replies.

Try moving the camera. The majority of the motion is towards the camera, and so you lose the effect greatly. The angle gives no sense of scale, combined with no motion blur there is no idea of speed.

Try taking that still and turning it into a finished picture. Consider the lighting and the camera. Try and get the idea of the picture to really scream out at you. I feel an opaque material would help make it easier to see what’s happening.


CD, just ask yourself this question. The point of art is to make a point, inspire, or impress. Which category does this piece fall into?


That. Is. Beautiful.

Maybe a higher def. version? Why is there so much noise?

good work
you said that it was used with rigid bodies, so is there an animation to go with it?

This is really nice! I like the way it flows and stuff. Only crit is the two white rectangles near the top right hand side.


wow nice work, that must have taken a while to calculate!

Wow. This would look good as a wallpaper.

The point of art is to make a point, inspire, or impress. Which category does this piece fall into?

Well, all three:
-It makes the point that the new Bullet physics are AWESOME!:D:D:D
-It inspires me to have a go:D
-And if you don’t find this impressive, you must have a serious problem;)

That’s a brilliant image, it would go straight to my desktop if it was a bit brighter.
I need to have another go at those physics;) I was limited before because I could only have one massive block house. Wonder how many I can make now?:smiley:

Animatinator, With Bullet 2.0 the number of physics objects you can have at the maximum is 32,000 if I saw correctly in one of Erwin’s little change logs at his site. The big limit now is how many polys the game engine can handle without crashing.

that looks really nice, but the two really bright squares on the top right are bothering me mabye rotate them just a lil bit so they’re not reflection right into the camera or something, other than that it’s nice, should make a wallpaper sized one, 1280x1024, and mabye a 1024x768