BushDraw Thread - A geometrynodes-Tool for quick shrubs and hedges

Launching my second geometry nodes -Tool/Asset: Bushdraw!
A tool for drawing bushes and hedges with filled curves and geometry nodes.

works as easy as this:

You can get it here: https://pleebs.gumroad.com/l/BushDraw

It Free!(mium) but not in the bad sense, the Free-Version uses the same nodes! except 1 mix-node for more handy hedges, but they function very much the same!
The Supporters-Version is a library of pre-made setups conveniently prepared with love, to get you lovely people who support me, creating faster!

I can assure you, that you can do all that with the Free-Version, it’s no lite-version!
You’ll only get the ‘BD_Bush_quality’ but no missing functionality.

Having that clarified, now to the important part:

This Thread is for Feedback, Questions, Suggestions and reporting bug or issues you might encounter. If good, bad or worse, doesn’t matter, don’t hesitate reach out! It helps a lot and will improve future versions.

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I’ve made GIFs like this, to get you easily started directly from the Gumroad-page. but if something isn’t clear or not working, just ask. It should be.

Furthermore i have a few future updates/changes in mind, i am not 100% sure about yet, and i would love to hear your opinion! I will elaborate on them soon, and maybe start a poll which should be implemented next.

First Update will be:
nesting the group, since i smooth-brain forgot about that, then I’ll be able to update all 8 pre-made setups at once instead of separately. (although there might be more specialization between bushes and hedges, in the future)
This will be a good occasion to fine-tune these pre-made setups again. So, if you have any feedback about this, even if it’s just like: ‘the density is a to high/low’ or ‘the blue-side of the hue is to intense’
It will help a lot!

Hope you like it! If so, please consider rating BushDraw on Gumroad.

Thank you very much for your support and feedback! I appreciate it!

PS: also works as hedge-font :wink:


Just bought BushDraw and WallDraw and had a bit of a play around with them, realy handy node groups :+1: . Do you still have a discord?, none of the links I chacked seem to work anymore …

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Yes; i have, It has been very silent there lately though. thanks for notifying!
I’ll check the links.
Also it seems to me that some of the GIF’s on thee Gumroad-page ain’t work anymore. :thinking:

I am planning on updating them both in the near future, to get them ready and tidy for 3.4.

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Sorry, for the very delayed response. Got caught up by personal events.
Here’s a discord-link for now (this time permanent, realized now those other links were only 7 days)

Gonna update the links on Gumroad as well asap.
I am around half-way done with the update too.
here’s a peek of the new preset i had in mind:

Hopefully done soon, Still have to nest/rebuild but nested; the current presets. For easier updating in the future.

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No worries :slight_smile: thanks for the link. That “profile” curve looks realy handy, looking forward to the update :slight_smile:

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BushDraw 1.1 -Update is finally here!

Content and Maintenance -Update

with all the recent improvements Blender and Geo-Nodes have had. I felt like it’s time to bring Bushdraw up to the speed of time!

(Blender 3.4 and above is required to use this Update)

4 New Presets! Let you draw Hedges even quicker with just a single line! And easily edit Width and Profile-Shape procedurally!

Makes a Total of 12 Presets

Other Changes are:

  • Shaders work now exactly the same regardless it’s realized geometry or Instanced. If you want the old ‘instanced look’ back, you can now use the new ‘Leave_cards_low-Hue’
    change mats

  • Cleaner, better, Node-trees up to date with recent GN-improvements (minor changes, less nodes, new Sample-nodes, replaced Lerp by new build in MixFloat…)

  • Nesting of the Nodegroup to allow me updating presets all at once in the Future

  • AssetBrower should work now as intended

Follow the Instructions under ‘Getting Started’ on Gumroad to add it to your asset browser.

Hope You like it! Have a great weekend!