Business warrior

ah good choice ;D im a fan of ‘old school’ BI aswell hehe, even though now computer can now handle cycles easily i still prefer the internal renderer :smiley:
yeah i got the email yesterday, the theme is “saying goodbye” ive already got a concept, a back story and basic concept art, now im just trying think where to start :S
at least he’s gave us 6 weeks to finish this one though

Where do you register for the newsletter, if he has one? The closest I can find is the Feed at the bottom next to YouTube, FB and Twitter.
Yeah, I do too. It’s a fantastic render engine.

How cool. It could be a very sad theme, but I also already got a great idea (and it will have impact if I can get it done right), but can’t show or do progress stuff here (forum rules). The plan is to continue working on this project while working on the competition entry as well.

Thankfully we have those 6 weeks you mentioned, to complete the whole thing.

Are you gonna do a WIP thread for yours?

you can register here thats where i subscribed.

awesome, we’ll be competing with each other then :wink: best of luck, may the luckiest man win :smiley:
yes mine is a sad theme too (i dont think you can have a happy scene for that theme lol.
im not going to be posting my WIP either (just incase some sneaky bugger nicks my idea hehe) but ill post it up when its finished :slight_smile:
you’ll have to post yours up too so i can see :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Subscribed now!

Jip, we will! All the best, I can’t wait to see yours too!! Ja, keep that idea safe until the final is posted.

Mine isn’t gonna be allowed here, because of the main theme, so I’m gonna post it on my website under Blender Guru competitions and maybe updates on the blog as to progress (strong possibility on the not side of things for progress, lol) and then I’ll contact Andrew as to submission (probably the same method as the previous one).

Looking forward to seeing yours!!! I know it’s gonna be excellent!!!

haha too right mate :slight_smile:
i dont actually know what the forum rules are, but if its not aloud then it must be something quite explicit im guessing?
THANK YOU,im sure your will be awesome too :slight_smile: well best get to work i guess, ive got alot of modelling to do hehe :wink:

Yes and no, depending on how people look at it, but it is going to have a religious theme, and according to the forum rules that’s “inappropriate content”. As simple as the previous one was, it too isn’t allowed (you can find it on my website under Blender Guru Competitions as well).

Have fun! I may get started tonight on modeling as well, but we’ll see. I’ve already done a basic sketch, but the trouble will be the 2D to 3D, lol.
Looking forward to it (starting on modeling and seeing yours)!

Ah i see,
I’ll have a look at what you done for the last contest :slight_smile:
haha, i know what you mean, i have no idea where to start switching mine from 2D to 3D (and then into a 2D render that resembles the original sketch lol)
im looking forward to seeing yours too :smiley:

your last entry looks really good :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’ll PM you my e-mail (I saw their policy applies to PM’s too).

So, today it’s back to this project! I wanna test composition, so I have a, hopefully to you too, funny render coming up.

awesome, your moveing lighting quick xD

Thanx! I’m still trying to get the close-up rock face to look right. I’m waiting on a render of that, but I’ve already done two:
One with flat shading
One with smooth shading
(neither looked right, but the smooth shading looked the best)

Currently I’m rendering a random selection on flat and the inverse selection on smooth. So here’s hopin’ that works and then I can add the funny part, lol.

haha, how about autoangle? that way gentle only curve gets smoothed, sharper angles are shaded flat, when i done a rocky scene a while back i found that gave quite realistic results as it was unpredictable (just like a real rock face is)
heres that section of the the blender manual.

Autoangle? Haven’t seen that anywhere.

Aah, I was hoping it’d be funnier than this. This actually looks kinda cool (apart from the cloud-crop). Oh well. That’s it for the day on this one.

sorry i meant autosmooth lol, it automaticly adjusts the level of smoothness depending on the angle of the bend, pretty cool stuff :slight_smile:
haha, i like it, its like a cardboard cutout :slight_smile:

Interesting. Isn’t that somewhere in the object settings (the orange block)?
It does, but I was hoping it’d look completely rediculous, lol, oh well.
Just mms’ed him a progress.

im not actually sure where it is in 2.6, but its in the link a runthrough of how to activate and use it :slight_smile: although the edge split modifier does the same thing and its probably a little easier to use as its uses the same basis as the other modifiers :slight_smile:
oh cool, what does he think of it?
will you be modelling the warrior from the sketch?

He likes it so far, but he doesn’t exactly expand beyond: ‘It looks cool’. I’ve said, I’m not sure if there’s something you want added or if there’s something you wanna change, but that three word response is all I get, so it’s like feeling the way through a project, LOL.
I do like a challenge though!

That is the idea. I think I’ll give my previous manakin model a go on this to see if I can’t fix the face.

Understood very little of what you explained.

haha, never mind then, you seem to be doing a fine job without having to learn even more features lol :slight_smile:
oh cool, will be good to see that then :slight_smile: