Bust Sculpts (Nudity)

Anatomy practice. The first one’s from this weekend, and the second’s this afternoon’s. They both needed more work, but I’m happier with the second. (Next time: use reference!)


Turntable @ Vimeo

Didn’t spend any time on the backs or arms; in fact, I think I’m just going to trim the arms and some of the chest off of the basemesh to maybe gain another level of subdiv next time. First try with textured brushes, for the acne scarring on the second one (not sure if it’s really visible).

I’d like to try and keep up doing a couple of these a week – but for now I think it’s back to rigging!

Added some of the Ross Campbell-esque hipster gear I was inspired by to the second one – had to drag myself away before starting to play with SSS instead of moving on!

The second one looks like a fat guy with man tits :). Nice models tho.

LOL – can’t unsee!

Looks very promising, though I 'm not sure that there are that many people out there who would take offence at untextured polygon breasts, especially since you have given due notice. There is no need to blur them out, if there are people out there who have a problem I would suggest it is their own.

The figure on the right for me is very good because anatomically it is a lot more representative of the world’s female population compared to probably over 99% of female cg figures that you see with the pneumatic barbie doll tits and impossibly thin waists.

The acne scarring is visible but it’s a little too pronounced. I’m not sure it is possible at the moment to get a high enough detailed mesh in blender to sculpt such minute effects. I think a little post pro work on the bump map would be the best way to achieve those kinds of very fine detail.

Looking at the turntable, I think the mid section area of the back where the spine and shoulder blades are could use just a little more work. All in all this is an excellent sculpting job.

Thanks! It’s just Photobucket that requires censoring nudity, I gotta find a different image host.

During the weekend I suddenly realized that in anatomy and modeling practice, I was in a rut of essentially doing the same character over and over, trying to do a ‘base female’ or ‘generic female’ (that’s what this first one was, however burly) – and got really frustrated about it! From now on I’m going to approach anatomy practice from a different angle.

Looking at it a day later, I think you’re definitely right: next time I’m only going to try and sculpt high frequency detail if I can get to a higher level of subdivision than this.