Butterfly knife lighting (I'll pay you $40 to do it for me)


I have a blender model of a butterfly knife that I purchased, and I want to set up lighting (and materials and shaders) to make the knife look similar to the way it does in this image:

I’ve been working on it all night and the results are quite poor…

So, I’m willing to pay someone $40US to do it for me. I’ll email you the blender file (with my desired camera – just looking straight at the knife), you add the appropriate lights, textures, etc. so that upon rendering, the result looks like the wikipedia image linked to above (or better, I suppose). Then you send me a rendered sample image, and if it looks good, I paypal you 40 bucks and you email me the blender file.

Any takers? Send me your email address via PM. (If there’s more than one response, I suppose some evidence that you know what you’re doing would help)

Thanks sincerely,


Hi Sean,
I’ve recently made a shuriken and found a good brushed metal tutorial here.http://3dnoob.com/tutorials/brushed-metal-textures-blender

Perhaps you can use it for your knife aswell.
Here’s a link to my shuriken http://xanagh.deviantart.com/art/Shuriken-135680960.

Greets Daan