Button panel key deletion.

I’m using 2.46 and noticed when I create a KEY, while in the buttons panel (selecting the ‘I’ key with the cursor inside of the buttons panel), the yellow line, which normally shows up in the Time Line panel, does not show. I can not find any reference to it in the IPO, NLA, etc panels. Problem being, I can not delete or modify it. I’ve tried selecting ‘all’ hitting ‘x’, hitting ‘k’, and choosing the different variations of ‘view’ and ‘select’ in the panels. Still those KEYs are affecting my animation. If would really appreciate anyone’s insight as to how to delete KEYs created in the Buttons panel. Thanks!

If you keyed inside the buttons window, most likely you have keyed an influence or a material IPO curve . You need to open up an IPO window and check through all the various IPO types to see what you have keyed . You can do this by hitting the up/down arrow next to the default Object IPO window .

Excellent, that did it! Thanks for the help!