Buying a blender game?

Ok im trying to get a little info on who and who wouldn’t buy a indie game made with blender asumming its high quality playable and fun how much would you pay?

$10 USD

$20 USD

$30 USD

let me know much appreciated thanks.

$10 or $20

be carefull with your idea, what make a game worth is the content not the platform and be more carefull with the GPL license that blender is on.
I think that you are on the wrong part of the forum you should post this thread on suport and discution

I agree with leonn - this shouldn’t be in the Resources section. In any case, it depends on the game. Some great games are free, while others cost something - you can look at Desura to see common prices.

maximum 10 << if it is really really nice.

Ok sry about posting in wrong section and thanks for the feedback.