Buying a new phone


I want to buy a phone with the following features

  1. Mp3 - storage is important. I want something between 4GB and 8 GB
  2. fm radio (not gprs radio)
  3. It should have animated interface(UI) like Sony ericsson. ie, Scroll etc… should be smooth
  4. 3.5 inch jack for headphones
  5. basics like - SMS and call
  6. Notes
    8.Calender that has Reminder function
  7. I don’t like touch screen especially resistive

I didn’t find any. Does anyone know a phone that comes somewhere near this configuration.

Updated: Specs of the phone I need

I’ve on top of my head Samsung Omnia 2 or HTC Touch Diamond 2 (sorry for the two’s, is not a joke), both should come near to your requests.
About the camera, I believe you won’t find any smartphone without.

Lol, take a look again at the features you just mentioned and think again… I suppose you just don’t Really know what phone to buy… Still, I suggest looking for the following 3 phones(and if you want 8gb, buy yourself a memory card!):
1-Sony Ericsson w995(has a 8gb card included)
2-Nokia N82(only has a 2gb memory card)
AND 3… Nokia E51 camera-free(still, has no jack, and you must buy a 8gb memory card)
If you want to search any more, go to and look for one(although, I really don’t think there is any phone with those features…) .Good luck!!!

N82 and W995 are good phones but they have many features like GPS,3G which I don’t want.

N79 is better than N82 , the size is small

The interface is fast but not animated.