Buzz Lightyear

Long time no see friends. :smiley:

Always wanted to model Buzz, now seemed the best time to do so…

Starting with the front part of Buzz, his main body both front and back are the most difficult parts to get right, but here, so far so good…

The buttons will be added later once the rough mesh has been completed.



Oh wow, that is good! Can we see non sub surfaced wires?

Here’s a whole bunch of WIP renders, i’ve been on and off of the model for the past few days but its coming along nicely …


Looking good so far! The colors and materials look pretty close to the actual character. And, I like the glow-in-the dark render too. I assume, though, you change the material settings for that to work?

Yeah i put the emitter up a tad, and using AO and one green lamp thats the effects :slight_smile:

High pressure space wings


Arms modelled with temp textures applied…


wow, the modeling and render is very good

Legs done :slight_smile:


Hands done, just the head to go :smiley:


Head is done but im not happy with it yet, gonna keep tweaking then apply final textures to the model…


really cool, i’d like to see it animated

There is something about his eyes…

Spent the day retexturing Buzz and rough rigging him…here’s how he’s looking :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant! Well done!

Thanks very much :smiley:

very goood

Here’s some wires i’ve been meaning to post :slight_smile:
I’ve been working my day job so much lately i haven’t really had a chance to animate anything :frowning:


Here’s new render too :smiley: