BV 138 Seaplane

Hello! I would like to share my bv 138 seaplane model and short turntable video. It is done in Blender and rendered in cycles. I am aware of some mistakes, it is not a perfect model but trying to improve myself as much as I can. Comments and critics are welcome. Thanks a lot !



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It looks good for a low-poly game asset. For a render you might want to work on details, especially texture wise. The weapons scale seems to be off. And one question: Why did you put SS runes on that thing? If I’m not mistaken, a flying wing/group/squadron’s coat of arms belongs there…

Firstly thank you sheepHD and BBros for your comments.

You are right about weapon scale I should have been paid more attention on them. I will try to create better textures for next projects definetely a weak point for me. And as an answer to your question about SS runes, yes squadron emblems belongs there it is my mistake, I think I confused an emblem with this rune because of a low resolution reference image I used. To be honest I didnot know that this was not an emblem of a squadron I used. Thank you for your critics and attention.