BVH Files and TurboSquid


I have spent most of this weekend watching videos, reading posts and playing with blender about doing animations/rigging. What I am missing is how to take an motion capture BVH file and a Mesh, human.3ds from TurboSquid and get them to play nicely together. I have had some success but I get parts of the mess not matched to a bone, and looks real funny.

Can some one recommend a youtube video or online tutorial on how to use BVH file from one source and a mesh from another and get them to work well.

I have seen this one: and it is very good but seems to start with a mess that has “empties” already defined and I do not understand how to do that.


the empties are not defined from start on …

you need to check the options for importing the bvh-data;
there is the option to import as an armature or as empties.

and if you make the setup - like in the tut-video - you
can use the imported bones instead of the empties and use
those in the constraints from where to copy the location.