bvh importer wierdness

I’m looking at Bob Holcombs bvh importer, and have noticed something really odd.

If I take a bvh file and do a single motion frame with all of the rotations and locations set to 0, Then the top half of the body isn’t shown in the view.

However, if I go to restPose then the whole body appears.

Here is his code

If someone could have a look and see if there is anything that doesn’t make sense, I’d appreciate it,

Tom M.

Cool, sombody extended apon my code!, Ill have to have a look-

You can use my code if you like- I think that works fine.

Where is it at? And does it create armatures or empties or some other method?


Hello everybody,

I’m pleased to announce the recent release of a brand new BVH tool for blender
It is a script which create an armature based on a heap of empties and
it makes this armature’s bone follow the empties…

There’s neither parent-children relationship between bones nor TrackTo constraint on bones
in order to avoid deformation

You can download this script here

To use it:

  • Import a BVH file into Blender (File->Import->BVH)

  • Initialize 3 variables (which are at the beginning of the script)
    startframe : the number of the first frame of your anim
    endframe : the number of the last frame of your anim
    hipbonename : the name of the root empty

  • run the script (Alt-P)


PS: Sorry for my poor english …

LetterRip. I am curious, because I had a similar problem with a bvh file awhile ago. You said the upper half. Did it seperate at the point where the last chest
empty met the two collar empties ? also…the name of the file ? was it one freely available on the web or from another source ( possibly converted) ?

It might be due to the fact that the BVH File contains 2 Chests …

Are there lines like :

    OFFSET -0.0000 4.5700 0.0000
    CHANNELS 3 Zrotation Xrotation Yrotation
    JOINT Chest2

in the bvh file you’re manipulating ?

I’ve created test files for the bvh importers. There are problems with both the bundled script and with Bob Holcombs.

If someone is interested in trying to debug either script I can email you the bvh test files. Or I can post them to the wiki.


Please, try using this new release of my script.

It should solve some of your problem …

If you have a valid BVH file which make my script fail, I would like to see it …

Jean-Baptiste …

One question I have always had about bvh. Not just as it applies to blender but in general. Can you use any ole avi or mpg file that had a person moving or does the file have to be in a specific format,codec and only one person moving or in the scene?

I’ve no idea that bvh is related to mpg or avi.

BVH is a text format that defines an armature via a hierarchy, that is followed by a list of displacements and joint rotations.


I was talking about the initial motion capture from a video file. I found a program on the net called deegeeme. Which is suppose to let you capture motion from a video and write out a bvh file. I was never able to get it to work though.