BWC´08 - The Last Quest: Tomb of Kharzzal the Necromancer

So here is my entry:

Hey, on my entry still didn’t appear as entry just as a WIP, is there any problem about it??

This is amazing piece you’ve done here, BWC will be one tough competition this year.

beautiful work on texturing, can you give us some details on how you can obtain such a materials?

Sweet mood, the composition and lighting worked out pretty well at the end :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you all a lot for the comments. I am realy happy do get to the end. But there is something I am worried about. I have sent yesterday an email to [email protected] with this Finished Project thread, but haven’t sent any image straight. I thought that it was the way but now I am not sure. Should I be worried?

Great work.

I think you had to send it as an attachment in the email. I am not overly positive though.

:frowning: so now I am afraid that I am not gonna be considered, because I haven´t send it as an attachment, just as a link with this thread… :frowning: :frowning: Just saw everyone doing it so I did the same, how could I be so stupid… :frowning:

Your entries should be submitted as a JPG image file:

  • The image can be any aspect ratio you wish, as long as it is over 1 Megapixel
  • The JPG should be saved at 80-95% quality

That is from the rules. I took that to mean as an attachment, but it doesn’t specify exactly.

I think you’ll be alright. Remember, the judges are humans, they’ll see your WIP thread. If you’re overly worried you can send an email with the image and explain what happened. The judges say to be really really patient for stuff to go up onto the site.

I think you’ll be fine…and a winner.


EDIT: linuxpimp21: I sent my image in as just a link and they accepted it.

EDIT2: Dang…they’ll have to gallery this…

I sent mine as an attachment. My first one was 800x600 because I misread the rules and thought it had to be under 1 megapixel. I got a reply and they told me it had to be over 1 megapixel and asked if I could render it larger so I did it again at 1200x900 and they accepted it. So maybe either way they accept it. I’m not overly concerned myself. There are some amazing entries (including this one) that beat mine hands down. So I had fun doing the contest and learned a lot, that is what I am taking away from the contest. Of course a space navigator would have been nice to take away as well, but there is always next year. The judges are going to have a tough time deciding I think.

Don’t worry. To be on the save side simply resend yours as an attachement. They will figure out what to do.

Hey guys thanks for feedback!!! I`ve sent already the attachment. Lets see what happens :confused:

hey chimericidol,
you got a nice entry there… i would love if you tell us more about the environment and lighting set up… how did you do the fog?
i’m gonna do more tests with my bwc entry and i would love to use some of the ideas here…

cheers, and good luck :slight_smile:

woah! this turned out really nice!
5 stars

Nice Image. How did you do the rock the character is standing on? Is it sculpted? Bump map? Displacement map?

nice atmosphere… you could’ve given the boy some extra lighting, and also little bit more light coming out of the tomb… to give it more energy… and focus…



I´ve got reply from Doug saying thanks so I hope everything is fine with my entry :slight_smile:

dyf: Actually there is not to much to say about the set up. There are four objects there, The Boy, the rock he is standing on, the cave , and the mountains. The are composed finally in Gimp as layers wich gave me much more control, since I could rerender only one of the layers to make some small changes than redering over again the whole image. The whole effect of the fog was created in Gimp as I was not really familiar with any technique of creating realistic fog/clouds/mist inside blender. Painting straight away gave me much more control of colors, shape and density. I forgot to add that in spite of using Gimp I have used some node setup to add some normal lighting and color corrections as well as in the first fase some blur depth wich I had delated later on since the whole scene was looking like a minature (u can check it on my WIP)

Jeepster: Thanks!!!

ChojinDSL: Thanks. The rock is sculpted and because it is so close to the camera I left it the way it was, without baking any maps, wich I made for the rest of the caves and mountains ( wich by the way I regret now, because they have lost to many of the scultped details)

basse : Hey basse I really admire you work so thank you a lot for stoping by and leaving the comment, it means a lot for me!!!
Already many people have told me that its to dark, now it´s a bit
to late to change it :). This was actually my main problem how to setup the lighting to keep it look like a night and still be able te so the main characters wich unfortunatly I have failed in some part.

Just wanted to ad that in general I am quite happy with the result and first of all to make it until the end. I dont count on obtaining any place in this contest since there is too many outstanding works out there. But for myself I am already the winner, since I have lerned a lot doing this, commited a lot of mistakes (wich will help me in my future work) and making it till the end ´couse its my first entire scene ever made!!!

Thank you all for your feedback and critics!!! :slight_smile: Beers for everyone !!! :wink:

hey chimericidol,
thank you very much for the information. i’ve always been skeptical about nodes, but looks like i’m missing a lot. great time-saving idea to break up your render into peices and composite them later.

/me goes to do some tests :evilgrin: