BWC 2008 - Capture

This’s my first completely finished project in Blender.

I saw annoucement about BWC not so long ago so I had no time to maintain WIP threads and post updates just to make it in time. About one week of planning and two days of non-stop rapid modelling and here it’s: I’ve got it finished one hour before the deadline. Almost had no sleep for last two days, I just had to complete my first public image.

Actually, I’m a programmer and I used Blender recently to make character and environment models for my open game project. These character models visible in image were created on base of a low-poly meshes I modelled some time ago. So, this image could be first gameart image for my project. :wink:

Scene protagonist (camera) is being chased and finally assasinated by group of mental controlled cyborg soldiers. Each about 2.5 meters high, carrying bot creature inside that responds on outer commands and controls soldier body. Commands are being trasmitted from numan character (holded by one of the cyborg soldiers). She possesses divine power to transmit her will to those control bots making them work in a team and move her along.

In snapshot moment protagonist is about to die and seeing chasers with some deathbed visual artifacts (actually it was idea to test new filters, btw) from being shot. Chasers are waiting for the moment he dies at last. :no:

1200x900 version :

Looking great. Her face could have some expression.

girl’s face is impressive, it seems a picture!