[BWC 2008] The Extinction

hi all.

phffeww…i hope i can make it till the 31 august…its 2 more weeks and i haven’t done anything. well…not anything actually, i do have unfinished model i did a loong loong time ago. and so i thought, why dont i use it anyway…???

this is the model.

this is the concept

the title is The Extinction, it tells you about the moment when a whole life form vanish because of meteor hit the planet. in my story it happened on another planet. probably i would add one more moon, just to make sure people sees it as is in another galaxy :slight_smile:

cool be nice if you get it right :wink:

why not take a strange looking planet really near the planet the animal is on.
that would show for example a whole planetary system collapsing, and a moon in front of
the big planet, and the meteors :wink:

yea…that would be great ide. thanks maybeapreacher :slight_smile: now if only i could finish the alien deer wings…i still confuse how to model the feather and stuff. should i model the feather one by one or just plane with texture ??? any suggestions ??

Or maybe something like out of the 2002 movie version of The Time Machine where the moon breaks apart. Do a google image search for Time Machine Moon and take a look at the first two images. I always liked that scene.

As for the wings and feathers, I would say model the feathers individually. There was a tutorial written about how to rig a wing on here a little while ago…quick search…here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=125766 It shows a basic wing setup that would probably match your model fairly well. He is a little bony though, maybe bones instead of feathers??? Just a quick thought.

you mean like this ??


whoaa…this is really cool… :cool:

i might trying to model the feather one by one. but i dont know about the rig in your link, it seems to be a bit complicated for me :spin: maybe i will try another approach, like meshdeformer ?? what do you think ? i try to be as faster as i can within 2 weeks… :frowning:


Yeah, I always liked that “Moon breaking up” scene.

Whatever works best for you and your wings. Maybe like a Bahamut SIN type wing from Final Fantasy!

OK, this is just way too much fun for me and you only have 2 weeks left, so back to work!

Wow… i like the story line. Very interesting concept for a rendering.

There could be no other concept that totally matches your title. I love that concept, I hope your CG skills are as good.

thx simpo, thx N00bhaxor. i try the best i can.

okay, this is just quick update. at the begining i try to modeled bird type of wing, but after a while, i just thought, man, this is hard work. i probably couldn’t finish it on time, it’s very difficult to place each feather into the right position. one by one :spin:


so i take browntb advice to take a look at Bahamut sin wings final fantasy style (thx browntb) and combine it a bit with a bat wing. and this one i really like, not only because it’s less difficult, but i think it fits to the style. i also add the horn ornament on the wing, so it gives the alien deer more mystical looking creature. what do you think? say it if it’s ugly…:o


I personally like the last one. It looks nice.

The bird wings looked better, they’re much harder I know. But get them right and the effect will be much more mystical. Oh yes, increase the size too. Bird wings tend to be much much larger than the body, considering that one, I’d estimate the wing size would have to be around boeng 747 size… but I’m sure you can get away with small aeroplane =). It is your model after all.

well, I like the bird-wings more, because the others look bat-like or even slightly deamonic :frowning:

I actually like this last one. It definitely gives it a more alien feel! Plus, when lit from behind with the moon/planet/sun the light will shine through it creating a nice glow effect.

Well Done!

update : yeah i know, the fur looks terrible. need some works on particular area. i also change the wing shape. i just notice that i haven’t got enough reference for bat wing at the first place, so here you go…

any sugesstion on how to make it more believable ? the fur, the texture, anything ??


Veins. Definitely needs veins.

krayon : if i have time, i definetly gonna try more the bird wing, but for me this is the best result in this time slot. plus i want to experiment with hair too :slight_smile:

maybeapreacher : yeah i know, i looks more devilish. for me it’s kinda exotic creature :eyebrowlift:


i use the magnificent approximate AO, the render time is amazing (approximate 3 minutes 40 seconds on my laptop), plus the hair color is more vibrant and better than raytrace AO, i dunno why maybe the settings. though i got some strange artifact on the wings, you see the claw on the lower left wing ? there’s a black blocky shadow over there that seems tobe hard to get rid of it.

i still need work on the horn, adding some bump map over there, maybe tomorrow. and also need to think about the translucenty on the wing so that we can see the vein when the light strike from behind.

another view, crits and comments are welcome


this is the result so far. it’s not finished yet, i need to work more on detail, especially the falling meteor. i use GIMP 2.4.6 for compositing, i dont know if it’s allowed by judges but since i saw many of the contestant use blender node editor for compositing, that makes me nervous… for me gimp is more intuitive and gives me more artistic freedom.


this is the snapshot of the progress on creation each element

the meteor using basic particle system in blender, and use the halo material for the smoke trail.


the grass using the hair solver, and i use sculpt tool to create cliff details.


for the moon i just use standard uv sphere with texture mapped on it


just one small question. i’ve sent email about this WIP link to [email protected] . do i have to send email again, to tell that i have finish my artwork ?

Yes, send them the final image.

alright, thanks blend’n4jesus