BWC 2009 Entry - Vertical World

Hello there, I’m trying my chances in this year’s BWC and would like to submit my concept “art” of an idea I’ll hope to finish on time. It came out of a little story I had in my childhood, when I was wondering what would world look like, if it had unchanged gravity laws, but would be totally inverted? Well, that’s what I’ll try to recreate in my blender project, hope U enjoy.

Just to mention, current view probably wouldn’t be the final one. I’m also planning to somewhat change the buildings design, but have no ideas at the moment :slight_smile:

C & c & propositions are welcome :slight_smile:


mind boggling O.o
But a great concept!

sweet, so good, its surreal!

Nice work, lovely concept. How much of this was done in Blender? It looks like a drawing to me.

I think he is an incredibly talented artist and painted all of this or he did a photoshop mashup, so, no I do not see any use of blender for this concept . On another note, sweet concept!
I am guessing the boats are on a sea of clouds? As in the sky is the bottom and the ground is the top, correct? Or, er… man this is one crazy concept. If your blend can achieve 80% of this concept’s feel and perspective you may have a winner. :smiley:

Yes, this concept is just a sketch made of some photos in photoshop, no blender yet. I dream about making such pictures by drawing or painting alone, but at the moment my skills in 2d are not that good…

Anyway, yes the “sky” and clouds would be a sea on whitch ships would sail, the cargo would be loaded on them from the above city by ropes or maybe in some other way. Everything would be builded “upside down”, the streets would be made as a wooden or stone platforms, connecting each building and hanged by ropes or maybe some pillars to the upper ground.

I’ll try to achieve a sketchy looking render, probably in colors of concept picture. Hope to start and finish this project, it would be hard and exhausting but probably worth of suffering :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments.

Hmmm… I don’t think I’m quite getting this one. How do you mean is gravity reversed? Since gravity is an attractive force to reverse it would be to repel objects away from mass. Hence the buildings would not be upside-down (like at the South Pole) but rather blasted into space. Assuming the planet itself stuck together you would need to fasten everything down or it would fall into space, you would walk on ceilings, but you would not need to worry about rain. The clouds and ships would have nothing to keep them from being pushed into space; they would need jet engines just to stay close to the ground.
It is an interesting idea though.

I bet it’s not really about reversed gravity, it’s just a “what-if” fantasy he created in his mind. As I see it, the Earth and the buildings will act just like on our planet, the inhabitants however will have an inverted gravity, so they will be drawn to clouds (or in other words into space), ships are something in between, well the whole gravity thing is nicely messed up :). Interesting concept, I’m looking forward to see it finished.

That’s why this forum is called blenderARTISTS and not blenderPHYSICISTS :mad:

I dig the concept - I’m curious to see how you “connect” the sky to the city so that the ships can dock.

Good luck, Robert

The gravity is going to be “as it is” today. :slight_smile: Only the world would change, ground would be on the top and the sky on the bottom. And ships will sail in the sky, just because it’s nice and hmm… fantasy like?

Hmm… so the gravity is the same but the world is different. What type of world would it be? I read a story once where the earth was hallow and people lived inside… Or how about a flat world where there are islands of land separated from each other by sky… One thing that stands out to me though is that you seem to be having two separate gravities going on in the same picture, the one on ‘land’ and the one in the ‘sky’ if the world were simple upside down the ships would also be upside down. Also if things are just upside down no one there would be the wiser because we have that situation already here on earth… Perhaps gravity in your world is more localized, so depending on where you went the gravity could be oriented different, and because it has a more limited range the sky ships would be unaffected, unless of course they got to close and crashed.