BWC - Bathroom Buddy 3000

Wish I had more time to adjust the lighting a bit, but:

Hate cleaning your bathroom? The new Bathroom Buddy 3000 combines all the features from the 2000 model (including up-to-date laser precision for an exact, deep cleaning experience) plus an all new bathroom accessory kit for upkeep of daily hygene!

Purchase one today for as little as $79.95 per month*, and be done with your bathroom cleaning life forever!

*Offer only available to approved customers


:smiley: Now that machine is surely full of … well, anyway. 8)

Cool, where can I buy it? It looks very useful.
And when it gets out of control, where is the explode-in-three-seconds-button?

I like it! Handy coffee function, and a wheel (one) so he slip better if it’s wet :stuck_out_tongue: .