[BWC] Global warming effects

http://www.blender-an.org/files/Global-Warming-Effects.jpgumm, this is my entry, the global warming effects, in toon. i left the background in blue, since i like it plain.

Interesting Idea. I can’t say I like the blank blue field, but that is your call. One thing that really seems off, is that without a door it takes a second to realize that they are getting into a refrigerator. Why not put an open door on it, and have another penguin just starting to climb into the lower class area?

I don’t understand this. Please explain. :smiley:

He didn’t get that thing was a fridge, ya dig? it doesn’t have a door or anything, so it could just be a box. I knew it was a fridge, but i see his point. Those penguins look like they have some really nice poses.

They’re so cuuuuuute :smiley:

yeah, at first i thought that will be interesting to make audience think for awhile (what the hell is that?) so i removed the door but it seems it is the crucial parts, so now i added the door, this image have a looping story about the meltdown of ice in the pole, about the fridge and the peguins in it, when they ( penguins) got time out in the fridge they will fishing again so they can get into the fridge again (the have to pay for it,big fish to get into the freezer-vip, 2 medium sized fish for 1st class and 1 medium sized fish for 2nd class), there is also an ironic side in this story, they’re using a fridge with freon, that soon or later the frreon will make a hole on ozone, i think this image is easy to understand

Lol, nice idea, i didn’t even notice the door that you added in, but i got the picture stright away.

I love it I want the t-shirt :smiley: But i think you should cartoon render it.

The door looks just right. For the record: I knew that it was a frig right off. However, I deal with a lot of easily confused people (end users) in my job and was considering how the image would look to them.

This would be a cool (/pun) shift. you could have the little guy at the right (of the image) jumping into the water under your left arm and then a little guy jumping out of the water under your right arm. Thus confirming the cyclic nature of the whole enterprise.

i like it, it looks good, but i think you should put in a different colour floor or something, just to make it look like they are in antarctica (i think thats the right one), just my 2 cents

…considering how the image would look to them…

Thank you matt! i’ll always remember this nice quote

no way! :D, since the ice on my scenario is already melt, if i put some ice there, they wont need any fridge, :), thats fun, really twisted…, actually the former background idea is a melting iceberg that revealing a pyramide (egypt) , but it still have an ice, so i decided not to use any ice except inside the freezer.

anyway, i’m already using toon shader, but not make it flat as in 2d toon

Like I said in my first post, I am not a Fan of the blue. However, I got the idea that there would be no ice, so what would you put them on? One thing that just came to mind: If you want to add a background. How about putting the frig and penguins on the roof of a skyscraper and than have water all around. They could jump in and out of the water at the edge of the roof.

ok, its final now, i made it like a sandy shoal, since the ice is already melt, but since its still in antartica environment, i guess the sky and the background will be darker and blurry, they said 6 month in daylight (without sun) and 6 month in night (without moon) and the wind always blowing, i cant imagine that, my friend asked me, why they should pay it with a fish? i said, so they can sell it and buy a new/more fridge.:yes:, and of course, more palm tree

Nice style, I like it. Knew it was a fridge rite away, think its a cool and simple idea…

I think the cue of pingvins waiting could come from the right side of the frame so that
the fishing sign makes more sense. The cue would of course go all the way from the
right side to the left side where they are now… just a thought.

Aww, that’s hilariously cute! I think it’s perfect as it is. :wink:

if you’re still editing… here’s some suggestions after I assure you I absolutely love the idea and the render.

  1. Maybe a broken down sign that says antartica?

  2. Make it clearer that it’s a desert… the hazy background really doesn’t tell you.

  3. Without thinking about it for a moment, it looks like VP costs less than 1st class. Maybe just make it 3 fish?

  4. Add broken down refridgerators in the background, showing that they’ve been resorting to this for a while

  5. Have a plug either running into the ground, or running off into the distance