[BWC]Hopefully hilarious...

Here’s another BWC submission. I can see numerous reasons that I may be DQ’d though… Eh, who cares? Hopefully someone will laugh at this.



Hehe, the main software used wasn’t blender…

hahahahahaha… roflmbo. You’re really going to submit that? You’ve got a lot of guts.

In other words, “I LOVE IT!!!

Lol, glad you like it. Just submitted it…I honestly don’t really care if I get DQ’d as long as the judges laugh a little bit.


Ha! Love it.

To put it bluntly: it’s been done before (a lot) and I think it’s not fair to those who did invest a great deal of time.

It’s not like I’ve won or anything. Anyways, lumpycow’s (and other people’s) entry is much better than mine.

yes, but when people wanna see all the entries with this submission in them, the BWC won’t look good


If this is enough to make the BWC look bad,
it can’t have looked too good from the start.

I’m quite sure people will recognise this as a joke, and
move on to all those beautiful entries.

Yeah this is only a joke. Laughter is as medicine for your bones. Please don’t take it so seriously, it’s just to make people laugh.

So i take it I’m not the only person that thought about submitting a image titled “default cube”…

I was just DQ’d this morning so no worries :slight_smile: